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About Us

The Roof Lady, LLC is a residential roofing company that has been providing customers in Austin and surrounding areas with superior quality workmanship and reliability for over 20 years. From new installations to re-roofing and repairs, our experienced and skilled team is committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Meet Victoria

Victoria Toler

“I love getting to meet new people and appreciate making connections with them, their families and often their pets.”

I was born here in Texas but spent the majority of my childhood in Monterrey and Mexico City, Mexico. In college I lived in France for a time and was able to travel extensively. I came back to Austin and graduated from The University of Texas with a French degree. Like so many people, I loved Austin and decided to stay, making it my permanent home.

Because of my background, I have always loved languages and wanted to tie those skills to my occupation. I wanted to have my own business with flexibility, since our children were very young at the time and being a roofing contractor in Austin seemed to be the perfect fit. My husband, a commercial contractor was key in teaching me the essentials of roofing. With my entire family’s support and a vision for success, I launched The Roof Lady, LLC in 1994. Having grown up in Mexico, my Spanish is still very fluent. I have an enduring affection for the language, the people and the Latin culture. Working with the Hispanic crews has helped keep my Spanish fresh and current. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with some of the most talented roofing craftsmen in Austin.

Due to my reputation for good work and honest character, my customers come primarily through referrals and repeat re-roofing projects. I advertise only minimally. I love getting to meet new people and appreciate making connections with them, their families and often their pets. I regret that hail storms affect people’s roofs badly, but I love the opportunity to work with past customers. My mission is for people to feel the appreciation and respect I have for them. I have discovered many people are not knowledgeable about the roofing industry. Who cares about the roof until it starts to be a problem, right? It is important to me to impart information and answer questions that will help the customer to make pertinent decisions regarding their roofing options. I think our children have benefited from seeing both of their parents as independent contractors building successful businesses through hard work and respect for others. Certainly, roofing is a very competitive business, and I am proud of the work I am doing every day.

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Here at The Roof Lady, LLC our mission is to provide you with the highest quality service and the best materials at a reasonable cost.

Our services include:

Roof Installation
Leak Repairs
Maintenance & Consulting

We’re committed to helping you determine what best fits your needs and budget.

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At The Roof Lady, LLC we specialize in residential roofing. Our company follows specific guidelines and procedures to ensure consistency and accuracy in the service we provide. Your trust in our services is of great value to our company.

Roofing Products: We only purchase products provided by some of the top roofing suppliers in the country. The products we use are designed to be long-lasting and fall under different warranty packages. We offer several types of residential shingles, in an array of colors from which to choose. We are sure to have what you need. Our shingles are versatile and work perfectly with a variety of exteriors, from different color bricks to different shades and textures of siding. If you’re not sure what to pick, let us help you.

Roofing Extras: Depending on the type of work done on a roof, some extras may be required. These may include air hawks, ridge vents, power vents, pipe boots and more. During your initial consultation we will discuss what may be needed and if any extra expense is incurred. You can be sure we are reasonably priced and there are never extra or hidden fees.

Re-Roofing and Repairs: We re-roof homes when the shingles have outlived their lifespan due to age. We re-roof properties after hail storms and also do repairs for leaks and other related roofing issues.

Our Clients: We work with real estate agents when houses are listed or sold, as well as individual home-owners. Many of our clients find us through referral, while others find us in the internet and directory sites.

New Roofing: We do new construction roofs for contractors or owner builders.

Insurance: The Roof Lady, LLC is fully covered by General Liability insurance.

We are extremely diligent during the re-roofing and repair process. Our focus is to ensure that the work is done properly and completely. Here’s what you can expect.

Step 1: After acceptance of our proposal and estimate, we coordinate with you and schedule a day for your work to begin. Typically, jobs are completed in about one day.

Step 2: We take care to cover the ground around the house with plastic sheeting to protect the lawn, shrubs, nearby pools, etc.

Step 3: Your existing shingles are torn off and the roof is scraped and cleaned. Plywood is inspected for rotting and replaced if needed.

Step 4: Next comes the installation of new felt paper, valley flashings, rubber jacks, boots and caps. We offer additional venting options and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the roof.

Step 5: We apply composition shingles with galvanized coil roofing nails.

Step 6: We clean and haul off any debris from your yard, driveway and surrounding areas. Finally, we run a magnet around the exterior of your home to ensure no nails or metal pieces are left behind. Clean up after our work is of paramount importance.


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For your convenience, we have provided answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about residential roofing.

Can I have multiple layers of shingles on my roof?

It is never a good idea to install new shingles over older layers on the roof. The money one saves on tear-off is not worth the short-cut. Shingles are designed to go on flat surfaces and age overly quickly when applied on top of old shingles. Additionally, our houses in this area are not designed to take the weight of multiple layers of roofing. If there is a need for repair down the road, one has to take out two layers, fix the problem and put two layers back. Shingles never go back perfectly in those cases. Lastly, when houses go up for sale, inspectors badly rate roofs with more than one layer of shingles.

What are 'storm chasers'?

It is important that homeowners choose local roofing companies to replace their roofs after hail storms. Out of town companies arrive like vultures after a storm, go door-to-door soliciting, sometimes bullying, homeowners for their business. Many times their prices undercut the local prices. They often do not have their own re-roofing crews and hire random crews upon arriving on site, making quality installation questionable. Most do not carry Commercial General Liability insurance. After an initial push to sell, those out of town companies move on to other cities experiencing storm trouble. If there is a leak or other warranty issue some months down the line, they are not here to honor their work warranty.

How bad is hail damage really?

Depending on the severity of the hail, the damage to the roof can be extensive. Hail hits the shingle and dents it upon impact. The colored granules in those dents are loosened and are washed off the roof, often collecting in the driveway, gutters, flower beds, etc. Generally, hail damage is not readily visible from the ground. If it is not severe, the insurance adjuster will not deem it worthy of replacement. Hail does not often cause leaks. A popular misconception that is often used to induce fear. We perform hail checks and roof estimates at no charge.

Why check my roof until the warranty is up?

BIG MISCONCEPTION! Manufacturers will give 25, 30, 40 year or lifetime warranties on their shingles. Upon reading the warranty, the homeowner can see the brand does not warranty that the lifespan of the shingles is 25, 30, etc. years. They warranty their shingles to be free of manufacturer defects for that long. It is so hot here in Texas, that the petroleum base in the shingles dries out after a period of time, causing the shingles to need replacing before the number of years mentioned in the warranty.

What kind of shingles do I have?

Most usually, people have 25 year, 3 tab shingles or dimensional shingles. 25 year, 3 tab shingles are 36” long, but the bottom half is cut into thirds, there by giving it the name 3 tab. They have a flat appearance on the roof. These shingles are the least expensive on the market. In Texas, their expected lifespan is 10 to 12 years. Dimensional shingles are also 36” long, but they are constructed from a solid sheet of shingle, with the dimensional flanges added to them, giving them weight and density. They have a bumpy appearance, designed to make them look like wood shingles. Their lifespan in Texas is roughly 16-18 years.

Do I need to have venting?

Because it is so hot in Texas, it is important to vent one’s roof as much as possible. This will help keep air circulating in the attic. If the attic air is venting out, it helps the shingles live longer. The air circulating does not allow for as much heat buildup in the attic, which puts less pressure on the air conditioning system. There are several different types of venting systems, such as ridge vents, gravity vents, motorized electrical vents and solar vents.



We take great pride in our work and service, and client satisfaction is our main priority. Read about what our clients have to say and why referrals are our main source of business.

To whom it may concern,

We have been doing business with The Roof Lady going on 20 years. In that time she has replaced 2 roofs for us personally and approximately 35 to 40 roofs for our clients. We recommend her because of attention to detail, quality of work performed and the professional way she conducts her business. This translates to satisfied customers, which is paramount to our referral based business.

Larry & Debby Lewis
Realtors – Keller Williams Realty

Luckily, a friend told me about “The Roof Lady” right before I was about to hire another company. During the first phone call, I was impressed with her knowledge and business demeanor and immediately knew I wanted “The Roof Lady” to be my contractor. She was excellent in communicating schedule, timing, options and answering any questions I had. The job was hassle free for me and the quality was fantastic. I was so pleased, I wish “The Roof Lady” would manage all kinds of home repair/maintenance jobs, because I would certainly hire her for anything I needed. I’ve had bad experiences with contractors before, and I promise you will not be disappointed with "The Roof Lady.”

L. Brown
Austin, Tx

After a very bad hail storm recently, my brother recommended The Roof Lady LLC to replace our roof. Victoria worked directly with our insurance company and we had our new roof in 2 days. The crew was efficient, polite and made sure they had cleaned up every nail afterward.

Recently we had another company install gutters and apparently they had displaced some shingles. Good to her word, the Roof Lady came back and repaired the small area the gutters had damaged; at no cost and without question. I would recommend The Roof Lady to anyone who appreciates friendly service, top level craftsmanship and supports local business.

Sarah Diedrich
Leander, Tx

Dear Victoria,

I’ve had you replace two of my roofs (once on each of my last two houses) and I’ll have to say that your team of workers is amazing. They were patient, timely, and extremely professional. They did everything perfectly and the clean up was impeccable. Please let them know that they did not go unnoticed.

J Garces
Cedar Park, Tx

“We were very pleased with the job done by the Roof Lady. Not only does our roof look great, but the customer service was exceptional. We highly recommend working with Victoria and her great team.”

Dennis and Dayna Longsine
Austin, Tx


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